About Ayceram Company

Ayceram Iran Company, with almost two decades of brilliant experience in field of designing and
producing ceramic dishes, is one of the largest and most credible factories in Iran and the Middle
East, which is highly popular among the brands that produce these dishes.

This company has also expanded it’s field of activities by exporting to neighboring countries And
now is capable of providing a part of the needs of these foreign markets.

The founder of company Mr Rouholah Rezaei started this company to produce ceramic dishes in
1387. In 1392 the second factory was added to the team and collection due to automatic
production line of these ceramic dishes in order to be able to satisfy the costumers with both

large and small numbers of orders.

By producing modern and up to dated items with beautiful colors Ayceram has always been the
rst choice in designing kitchens with up to dated designs and has always been innovative in
producing different items in this field.

By producing various and high quality kind of items thanks to the best iranian engineers and
specialists in fields of ceramics and a group of innovative designers Ayceram has always been a
unique choice in the market and has been popular among the costumers.

Our company has always been among the best brands in international exhibitions based in Tehran
and also other exhibitions in both Iran and abroad and has found it a great way to present its
achievements and ideas to people.

There are many big selling branches of our company in almost 20 cities of Iran working.

Due to modern life style and the need of producing with world’s up to dated technology Ayceram
eagerly tends to collaborate with big material and equipment producer companies in this industry
in Europe and all around the world for more developments and achievements.however some
boycotts and obstacles prevents us from achieving some goals,we hope these goals come true.

costumer orientation,high quality,innovative and environmentally friendly producing has always
been the highest priority of this company in order to attract the good sense of hosting and
satisfaction of all of you customers.

we are all in Ayceram looking forward to collaborating with you guys for acheiving the same goal
in a win-win deal.


Creativity in production

High Quality

Fast delivery

24 hour support

Quality 94%
Variety 86%
Support 91%
after sales service 91%